The Grand Bargain 2.0 was approved for greater dissemination and implementation in February 2021. The updated version builds on the original Grand Bargain in 2016 with the objective of “Better humanitarian outcomes for affected populations through enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, and greater accountability, in the spirit of Quid pro Quo as relevant to all”. The bargain will commence with two enabling priorities: (i) A critical mass of quality funding is reached that allows an effective and efficient response, ensuring visibility and accountability (ii) Greater support is provided for the leadership, delivery, and capacity of local responders and the participation of affected communities in addressing humanitarian needs. With the vision to amplify and incorporate the concepts of the Grand Bargain 2.0, the Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) country and regional teams engaged in a dialogue with NEAR on 28 October 2021. 

Ms. Shalini Kanwar, APP Program Lead, introduced the session to the attendees and connected the objectives of the bargain to the APP’s vision for localization. She introduced Ms. Shahida Arif, Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific of NEAR, presented an overview of the Grand Bargain 2.0. Her presentation included the framework, members, workstreams, achievements, lessons learned, and how the bargain is working towards strengthening localization efforts. 

The meeting concluded with a discussion of how APP can further engage in the Grand Bargain 2.0. The dialogue provided an opportunity for participants to reflect on their contribution to the overall goals of the bargain and the possible avenues to enhance these contributions going forward.

Cover Photo by Freepik.