Bangladesh Preparedness Partnership (BPP)

Bangladesh is among the most vulnerable countries in the world specifically to the impact of cyclones and flooding in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Delta region. Due to the low elevation, 25- 30% of all land area is inundated during normal monsoon conditions, and cyclones, storm surges, and flooding have led to nearly 520,000 recorded deaths over the past 40 years.
164.6 million population vulnerable to earthquakes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, building collapse, and chemical accidents

Our Partners

Who are we?

BPP follows the Asian Preparedness Partnership’s (APP’s) unique take on multi-stakeholder partnerships, as we strive to improve coordination and dialogue between the government, local and the private sector in Bangladesh. 

We serve as a network connecting the local actors involved in emergency management, response and training. Therefore, promoting and strengthening locally-led actions for emergency preparedness and response in the country. 

The APP network in other countries, namely Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, provides an opportunity for knowledge exchange and experience sharing for Bangladesh.

Our Goal

Our Approach

Multi-stakeholder partnership 

A National Preparedness Partnership mobilizing the collective efforts of the Government, NGOs, Academia and the private sector will serve as a collaborative space for capacity development, regional cooperation and knowledge exchange

South-South Learning  

To help promote the exchange of knowledge, we will help document learnings and challenges in developing a partnership model in Bangladesh. This will only deepen stakeholder engagement but also enhance regional cooperation. 

Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) Strengthening   

In consultation with the Government, we will develop operational guidelines for EOC, conduct regular simulations, and provide technical assistance for better management of emergency systems.

Multi-Stakeholder Capacity    

All the stakeholders need to have the requisite skills to respond effectively to disasters. BPP roadmap will identify and address the gaps in the response systems to help local actors to respond in an improved manner.