The Prepared to Respond: COVID-19 Lessons for the Next Health Emergency (P2RF) will be a three-part virtual event this year. The learning forum which is organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (the foundation) will be held between September and November 2021. This year’s forum will focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it highlighted the need for more effective, equitable, and resilient health systems that are prepared to respond to a wide range of future emergencies. It aims to capture the lessons learned from the pandemic by providing a space for experts, decision-makers, and practitioners to share their experiences of these unprecedented challenges. The event seeks to enable countries to learn from each other so they can prepare and respond more effectively to the next emergency. 

This year’s forum will provide attendees with an opportunity to learning from and connect with global leaders in public health emergencies (PHE); expand their knowledge skills and networks; and shape the future of PHE preparedness & response. APP is planning to conduct a panel discussion on 12 October 2021 – the details will be posted with future updates. 

Registration for the event closes on 27 August 2021. Click below to register now!