The Asian Preparedness Partnership’s (APP) “Social Innovation Grand Challenge” was launched by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) on 4 May 2021. It sought to identify and support innovations from local actors in the APP member countries. The solutions centered around addressing disaster risk management (DRM) challenges focused on risk communications, early warning, and emergency response.

Over fifty unique submissions were received during the Expression of Interest (EOI) period. Several of these submissions were shortlisted and invited to further co-create their solutions with support from the APP secretariat. Subsequently, the nine applicant organizations submitted their full proposals and delivered a pitch of their solutions at the Co-Creation Phase Innovation Conclave on 23 September 2021 for consideration by an evaluation committee. 

The following organizations were selected as the winners upon the recommendation of the evaluation committee:

The winners will receive innovation grant funding and technical support from ADPC through the APP platform to further nurture and develop their innovative solutions over the next six months and beyond.

The APP has incorporated innovation as a key driver of the APP 2030 Strategy. With this consideration, the partnership undertook research to explore the role of local innovation in DRM and conducted a webinar to provide insights from innovation leaders from relevant sectors. 

Landscape Analysis Report on Innovation for Disaster Risk Management in Asia

The report and executive summary analyze the role of innovation in disaster risk management (DRM). It details the challenges and enablers in the context of the Asian region as well as examples of innovative organizations and practices from selected countries. The study concludes with recommendations to foster innovations while leveraging the APP platforms. 

Download the full report by clicking the link below:

Unlocking the Future: Novel Approaches to DRM for a Safer Asia

The webinar brought experts and practitioners together for their views on progressing innovation in DRM. It included panelists who provided their perspective of innovation in DRM from the global level, the private sector, the government, and regional organizations. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the APP Innovation Challenge Winners on the APP platform.

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