The fourth meeting of the Regional Technical Working Group on Inclusive Approaches in Localization (RTWG-IAL) took place on 4 March 2021. The objectives of the meeting included a presentation and updates on the training curriculum on rights-based and inclusive approaches to early warning, evacuation, and camp management with the purpose of obtaining feedback for the development of the curriculum. The meeting also served as an opportunity for nominees to consults on the finalization of their work plans and key outputs. 

Ms. Shalini Kanwar, Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) Program Lead for Preparedness for Response and Recovery (PRR) Department, welcomed everyone to the session. She explained that the meeting would center around finalizing the training program and inclusive approaches and localization would be one of the key deliverables that the group should advance in the coming year. Ms. Kanwar gave the floor to the chairs of the meeting Ms. Gothami Chandraratne Director of Operations of Janthakshan GTE Ltd, and Mr. Bandula Wickramaarachchi, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) Country Program Manager for Sri Lanka. 

Ms. Gothami introduced Mr. Matthew Scott, Senior Researcher, Team Leader of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI), Sweden updated the team regarding the main sections of the training curriculum on ‘Rights-based and Inclusive Approaches to Early Warning, Evacuation and Camp Management’, and facilitated the discussion and feedback with the members of the RTWG-IAL that would support the finalization of the curriculum. Following the curriculum development, the rollout of Training of Trainers (ToT) at regional and national levels is planned. The discussions also covered the criteria for choosing the participants from the countries for the ToT at the regional level, how to broaden the scope and reach of the curriculum, and the rollout of the trainings at the national/sub-national level. 

Ms. Gothami wrapped the meeting with a summary of the key points. Ms. Kanwar provided the closing remarks with an overview of the planned future activities for the RTWG-IAL in the year 2021.