The Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) organized a consultation meeting on 2 June 2021 to deepen the engagement and explore possible collaborative work with Cyclone Preparedness Program (CPP) in Bangladesh. The main objective of this meeting was to identify and discuss the scope of work for future collaborations, brainstorming on the Bangladesh Preparedness Partnership (BPP), and developing a way forward.

Mr. Ahmadul Haque, Deputy Secretary, Director (Administration), CPP, shared the program’s work plan for possible collaboration between ADPC and CPP. The CPP offers a four-day basic training program for its volunteers to be better prepared for cyclones. Currently, it has 74,020 community-based volunteers in 13 coastal districts of Bangladesh. The training program comprises five basic training modules on early warning systems (EWS), evacuation and shelter, search and rescue (SAR), basic first aid, and damage and loss assessment.

Consultation meeting with Mr. Ahmadul Haque, Director-CPP.

ADPC and CPP agreed to collaborate in enhancing the current CPP training curricula to address multi-hazard response. It is proposed to constitute a TCRG composed of national experts from the Fire Service & Civil Defence (FSCD), Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS), and relevant agencies that will conduct Training Needs Assessment to identify key competencies of CPP volunteers to respond to a multitude of hazards other than cyclones and floods. In addition, CPP will also collaborate in the development of a national volunteer guideline to put in a common framework and standards for the mobilization of volunteers during emergencies and disasters.

The meeting emphasized the motto of “Long term partnerships along with a long-term vision is important for local organizations” in creating a sustainable collaboration.