Following up on the 8th APPRSC meeting, the APP Phase 3 Kick-Off Meeting was organized from 04 – 05 October 2023 gathering 42 participants from various countries and sectors across Asia. The meeting took place from 04 to 05 October 2023 at the Hilton Manila Hotel, Philippines.

Opening Speech by Mr. Sisira Madurapperuma, Director, PRR, ADPC

APPRSC members representing governments, local humanitarian networks, and the private sector from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Sri Lanka attended the APP events. Additionally, representatives from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (The Foundation) and the APP Secretariat enriched the discussions with their insights and expertise. 

Discussions on Readiness Fund at the APP Phase 3 Kick-Off Meeting

Building on the achievements of the co-creation and mobilization phase of the APP (2016 -2019), the APP Phase 2 (2019 -2023) focused on the implementation of multi-stakeholder partnerships and expansion to countries such as Lao PDR and Bangladesh through the APP+ approach. The Kick-Off of the APP Phase 3 will take this momentum forward. Phase 3 will focus on consolidating and sustaining the country and the regional partnerships for their sustainability and leveraging support internally and externally for further scaling up and scaling out of its unique multi-stakeholder model approach. The APP Phase 3 will also further bolster the locally-led actions at the sub-national levels through community engagement for safer and well-prepared communities, strengthen the interface between stakeholders through a ‘whole of society’ approach, and enhance regional cooperation to accelerate the localization process.

The main objectives of the APP Phase 3 Kick-Off Meeting were:

  • Discuss and define the models to demonstrate localization at the sub-national level;
  • Strategize the modality of operationalizing the ‘Readiness Fund’ for localization; and
  • Discuss the ways and means of consolidation and sustainability of the National and Regional Partnerships.

Kicking Off APP Phase 3 with Strategic Discussions

The APP Phase 3 Kick-Off Meeting from 04 – 05 October 2023 provided an opportunity to present and orient the APP member countries and the local partners regarding the key pillars of the framework designed for the APP Phase 3. The meeting pivoted towards discussing various models to demonstrate localization at the sub-national level and initiated strategizing the modality of operationalizing the Readiness Fund for Localization. Participants explored avenues to consolidate and sustain the national and regional partnerships, ensuring the continuity and efficacy of the APP’s initiatives.

Field Visit

The series of APP events concluded with a visit to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PPDRF) in Clark, Pampanga. It is recognized as the first private sector-led EOC in the region. This visit underscored the vital role of private sector engagement in disaster preparedness and response initiatives, showcasing a tangible example of effective multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Field visit of the participants to PDRF led Emergency Operations Center

Moving Forward with Strengthened Partnerships
The APP Phase 3 kick-off meeting not only facilitated knowledge exchange and reflection but also paved the way for enhanced collaboration and strategic planning among the APP network members. As the APP moves into its third phase, the insights and strategies developed during these meetings will undoubtedly steer the partnership towards more robust and localized disaster preparedness and response mechanisms across Asia.

The APP seeks to remain as a multi-stakeholder platform that brings together governmental bodies, local humanitarian networks, and private sector representatives from various Asian countries, aiming to enhance disaster preparedness and response at regional, national, and sub-national levels. Other key stakeholders such as the academe and media are envisioned to be part of the APP network as well.