Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Government of Sri Lanka facilitates south-south learning with Philippines

Study tour of the delegation from Government of Sri Lanka to Quezon city DRM council in Philippines.

The Asian Preparedness Partnership network implemented by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center works towards enhancing south-south learning and cooperation in South and South-East Asia. The South-South learning facility established through this collaborative partnership provides an exceptional opportunity to document, learn and build on the expertise available in the region and promote intercountry knowledge and experience sharing events for disaster resilience. 

APP Country Action Plans

One of the foremost activities implemented under the program was to undertake Baseline Assessment studies to map out the current status of the humanitarian ecosystem for managing disasters at the institutional, organizational and operational levels. The assessment studies have been carried out in all program countries to assess capacities, systems, and inter-agency coordination mechanisms of key stakeholders-  Governments, International NGOs, local humanitarian organisations, academic institutions and civil society organizations working in disaster preparedness and emergency response. 

Reaching Safety from Tsunami

The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 claimed nearly 30,000 lives in Sri Lanka. Since that catastrophe, numerous initiatives have been taken up to raise awareness amongst the public in addition to policy level institutionalizations. The Disaster Management Center (DMC), the government focal agency of the Sri Lanka Preparedness Partnership (SLPP), requested SLPP support to develop a process document on reaching safety from tsunami targeting the World Tsunami Awareness Day on 5th November 2017.

Disaster Management Center organises ToT on Application of GIS for effective Risk Assessments

The Disaster Management Centre (DMC), Sri Lanka as part of Sri Lanka Preparedness Partnership (SLPP) under Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) organized 5-day Training of Trainers on enhancing risk assessment capacities of Government officers for an effective emergency response. 30 participants representing District Disaster Management Coordinating Units, Meteorology department, National Building Research Organization and National Disaster Relief Services Center of Sri Lanka came together from scientific and disaster management organizations for building skills in GIS application. 

Sri Lankan companies told how to reduce disaster risk

A news report in featured discussions held in the forum organized by the Sri Lanka Preparedness Partnership ( SLPP)  for consultations with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce about reducing the vulnerability of the private sector to disasters and make them more prepared.

Companies in Sri Lanka, which have been hit by successive droughts and floods in recent years, can reduce risk to disasters by taking precautions like being aware of hazards, having contingency plans and increasing supply chain flexibility. 

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