Training Manual – Disaster Risk Management (DRM) for Pakistan

Capacity building is one of the dedicated area of focus for the Asian Preparedness Partnership. The national chapter of APP in Pakistan – the Pakistan Resilience Partnership (PRP) has been organizing regular capacity building initiatives with the aim to increase understanding and knowledge of stakeholders across the spectrum of disasters. For the purpose of standardized training, a manual with uniform training material within the country’s context, is an essential requirement under APP.

The Training Manual of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) for Pakistan has been developed for this purpose. The intent of this manual is to develop an all-encompassing training material for Pakistan, which can be used for trainings related to disaster management. The manual contains comprehensive substance on preparedness, response and related cross cutting themes. The document is an outcome of extensive desk review of policy, strategy, guidelines, manuals and implementation level documents prepared by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). This training manual will help all concerned in enhancing their knowledge on disaster management and also provide practical approaches in understanding the DRM concepts to further assist disaster management stakeholders and practitioners in learning and replicating the trainings in their respective department/organizations.