Supporting Sri Lanka Businesses to Bounce Back in Crises

“After the ToT, I joined a resource team to conduct BCM training and awareness programs for SME holders in Rathnapura and Kaluthara districts in Sri Lanka. As a trainer, I worked with my team to make the training programs interactive, and in the end, the participants expressed interest in establishing a BCM plan for their businesses. In my opinion, this is an important step because a BCM plan helps businesses quickly identify safety priorities and come up with fast solutions to respond.” – Thilina Hiripitiya, Manager of Compliance and Risk, MAS Intimates (Pvt) Ltd

The Sri Lanka Preparedness Partnership (SLPP) implements disaster preparedness trainings on business resilience for small and medium sized enterprises. This case-study is part of an initiative to capture individual stories of change by APP national chapters in each country to highlight how their interventions have benefited the communities at large. These individuals have enthusiastically participated in APP activities and taken it a step beyond to propel concrete actions in making their communities prepared for disasters.