Shifting Paradigm: How PEER has transformed Disaster Training and Approaches in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Fire Services and Civil Defence (FSCD) has been the foremost implementing institution for PEER and one of the first to integrate its components. This case study documents FSCD’s 19-year journey with PEER, highlighting its achievements, challenges and milestones achieved in the process, using the nine assessment tools. 

Institutionalizing PEER is grounded in 9 conditions, which provide a framework with critical entry points for nodal agencies and implementing partners. These conditions are standardized assessment tools that review the status of institutionalization. 

PEER understands that an efficient response plan is indispensable for effective disaster preparedness. Under the current stage five, PEER endeavours to build upon the successes from its previous stages and focuses on embedding the training courses into the programs, plans and budgets of institutions through institutionalising the program.