Preparedness for Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction

The Humanitarian Resilience Journal is a biannual magazine published with the support of the Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) under the umbrella of Pakistan Resilience Partnership (PRP). This initiative has been undertaken to bring forward different perspectives on the general humanitarian landscape of Pakistan. Each issue of the journal is dedicated to a specific topic of national importance. The contributions to this magazine are purely on a volunteer basis. The fourth issue of the journal focuses on “Preparedness for Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction”. 

The exclusion of people with disabilities (PWDs) as productive members of society is estimated to an annual loss of $11.9- 15.4 billion which is between 4.9- 6.3% of Pakistan’s GDP. PWDs lack the infrastructure needed for everyday life. This disparity is magnified during times of disaster when necessary provisions for them are not provided.