Policy Brief : Standing Orders on Disaster (SOD 2019), Bangladesh

The Standing Orders on Disaster shortly known as SOD is considered one of the most comprehensive documents prepared for disaster risk governance not only nationally but globally. The SOD defines the role of different actors in disaster management from central to grassroots levels within the government’s formal tiers. The 2010 version of the SOD was based on a paradigm shift from reactive “disaster control” to a “proactive disaster risk reduction (DRR)” approach; In comparison, the 2019 version focused on many of the key issues related to DRR aligned with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR). This policy brief summarizes and simplifies the contents of the SOD 2019 in a reader-friendly format. This is not just an abridged version of the SOD 2019, rather it presents a critical analysis of the document, enabling the reader to identify gaps in existing practice and undertake proper and necessary plans and actions.