Local Practices on Preparedness and Response – Success Stories and Case Studies

The publication exemplifies effective practices and applications of various preparedness and response mechanisms. It analyzes topics including life-saving training conducted by the First Aid Department of Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Action Against Hunger International (ACF) approach to enhancing the institutional capacity of local civil society organizations (CSOs) and drought-affected agrarian communities in the Badin district of Pakistan, Malteser International’s initiatives to engage community-based training to save lives and economize major rescue efforts, Rural Education & Economic Development Society (REEDS) Pakistan’s relief efforts to marginalized communities in the Baluchistan district of Pakistan, Farmers Development Organization’s (FDO) introduction of new technologies to farmers, establishing a vaccination center in the Swat district of Pakistan, Building Disaster Resilience Programme’s (BDRP) efforts to engage women in community-based disaster risk management (CBDRM), local health and hygiene messaging for COVID-19, raising awareness on risk and safe behaviors, community training on disaster management, planning and mitigation, and Society for the Advancement of Nature, Justice and Health (SANJH) intervention to provide first aid and CPR training.