Integrated Solutions in Crisis Response: Instilling PEER in Pakistan

Since its introduction in 2005 in Pakistan, PEER has focused on capacity building of personnel of first response organisations including the army, civil defence, police, etc. PEER conducted its first round of full funding assistance for training in 2007 in Emergency Services Academy, Lahore.  This case study documents PESD’s journey with PEER, highlighting the challenges, processes and achievements utilizing the nine conditions of institutionalization prescribed by PEER.  

Under PEER Stage 5, one of the core initiatives of the program is to embed its components in the training programs, plans and budgets of institutions. To assess this integration, PEER lays down a framework identifying nine critical entry points for its partners. These conditions are standardized assessment tools that review the status of institutionalization. 

“PEER has been crucial in the sustainability of the training process. Our accomplishments are a result of processing international certification for academy instructors.” – Dr Rizwan Naseer, Director-General, Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122).