Case-Study: A Partnership Fostering Better Preparedness

The SLPP endeavours to strengthen for the first time in Sri Lanka, the disaster preparedness capacity for effective emergency response by Government, Private sector, and the local Non- Government Organizations (LNGOs).The SLPP which commenced its activities in 2017, comprises the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) as the lead agency for the government, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for the Private sector and Janathakshan (Gte) Ltd. being the local partner for the LNGO sector. The SLPP foresees building of a strong and systematic partnership in close coordination and collaboration amongst the three sectors for strengthening Disaster Preparedness for Effective Emergency Response through capacity building, coordination and knowledge management and dissemination.

Extensive consultations have been a path breaking aspect of this SLPP programme, where collaboration and consensus has been a notable
feature of the partnership approach as witnessed for the first time in Sri Lanka. In order to better understand the country context, a baseline assessment was undertaken prior to project implementation, encompassing disaster management institutions for developing the roadmap of SLPP. This case-study documents the process of formalising SLPP in the country with insights from the partners on building local capacities for emergency response and preparedness.