Building Nexus between Risk Analytics, Early Warning Systems and Emergency Operations Centers in the APP Countries 

The need for Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) was clear as more and more hazards became disasters. The EOC is normally a nerve center for the central communication and coordination of emergency responses. The EOC also gathers critically required information, coordinates the response activities, and manages resources by making informed decisions. Early warning is a major element of disaster risk reduction. Early action can often prevent a hazard from turning into a disaster by preventing loss of life and reducing the economic and infrastructural impacts.  Risk Analytics is an essential component of EOC and Early Warning Systems (EWS) as it provides a shared understanding of risks for planning and the coordination of required responses. It is critical to strengthen the nexus between EOCs, EWS, and Risk Analytics for monitoring and coordinating the preparedness and response to disasters. The compendium highlights some of the best practice from of this nexus in APP countries.