Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) members reflected on the program’s five-year history and collaboratively brainstormed for its future during a Co-Creation Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand from 22-23 August 2022. The workshop built on the process that was initiated at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Bali, Indonesia in May 2022.

Michael Delaney, Founder and President of Crescendo International, presented the findings of Crescendo’s investigation of APP’s growth and impact. The project was completed using data from surveys and interviews with APP partners and ADPC staff. Mike and his team analyzed the results of their research and pulled out key trends, outcomes, and questions that became the basis for discussion over the two-day workshop.

The first day focused on country-specific outcomes and objectives. Following a presentation on Michael’s findings, the multi-sector representatives from the seven participating countries (APP member countries and Lao PDR) discussed how the evaluation results fit in with their own experiences and observations. The afternoon portion was dedicated to identifying future steps for each country partnership to expand its reach and capacity.

The second day shifted towards sectoral outcomes and broader perspectives on sustainable and effective disaster risk management strategies. It commenced with participants engaging in thematic discussions that were organized in designated tables facilitated by members of respective APP regional teams. They were encouraged to take a deep dive into the inner mechanisms of APP’s vision and implementation. Table topics ranged from defining sustainability to rethinking organizational structures to enhancing monitoring and evaluation practices. After the lunch, sector-based groups allowed for more deep dive into the expected roles of different stakeholders.

Localization was emphasized across the entire workshop, underscoring its role in APP’s current and future operations. The discussion highlighted the ongoing need for stakeholders to go beyond national agreements and ensure that local action is included in every policy, initiative, and effort mainstreamed by APP.


Sisira Madurapperuma, Director at ADPC, closed the workshop by reminding the participants that their efforts to secure aid may sometimes include routes outside of APP’s sphere and mandate. The successes of APP’s first five years indicate that there was previously a major gap in disaster coordination between sectors. The road to maximizing the partnership’s sustainability will require frameworks that allow these linkages to continue to flourish and adapt in our rapidly changing world.