Nepal: COVID-19 Update




 Nepal: COVID-19 Update





 Official Website

  • The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP)
    The ministry provides the national context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The site includes information regarding the latest situation, guidance regarding healthcare and patient care, the latest news reports, and IEC material (English & Nepali).


Reports & Guidelines


 Reports & Guidelines 


Infographics & Poster


 Infographics & Posters


  • What is COVID-19 and Preventive Measures
    The ministry details the preventative measures one should take against COVID-19 (Nepali).
  • Reduce Your Risk
    The ministry has developed 15 posters that explain the preventative measures for COVID-19; this information includes information regarding food safety, wet markets, and traveling (English).

  • Protocol for ILI Clinics
    The protocol was established for Influenza-like illness (ILI) clinics that are also screening for cases of COVID-19. It provides procedures for suspected cases based on symptoms (English).

  • Clinical Approach to a Patient with Suspected COVID-19
    The guideline has been developed based on WHO guidelines to detail the clinical management of COVID 19 patients (English).

  • Protocol for COVID-19 Screening at Point of Entry
    The point of screening is developed by the MoHP based on WHO guidelines regarding the point of screening, and entry screening of the suspected COVID-19 patients. It also provides a protocol for health care facilities in the context of these cases (English).

  • COVID-19 Risk Communication Brochure
    The brochure details the risk communications information on the symptoms, basic preventative measures, the importance and measures for quarantine, and minimum protocols that businesses need to adopt (Nepali, Maithili, Awadhi, & Tharu).

  • COVID-19 Poster
    The posters have been developed to provide an illustrative depiction of the basic preventative measures that are globally practiced in order to prevent COVID-19 (Nepali). 







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