Official Website

  • Ministry of Health and Sports (MOHS)
    The website provides information on the COVID-19 situation as well as the measures taken and current information. There is also a COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard with the latest numerical updates (Myanmar and English). 

Reports & Guidelines 

Infographics & Posters


  • Community Strength To Prevent COVID-19
    The video explains preventive measures for COVID-19. It includes avoiding mass gathering, informing and collaborating with local authorities to fight against COVID-19, and following the instructions from the Ministry of Health and Sports (Myanmar). 
  • Go Away Corona
    The song conveys how one can prevent contracting COVID-19 and fight against Coronavirus (Myanmar, English). 
  • “Rule(See)”
    The song encourages the rules to be followed for the prevention of coronavirus infection and explains why they should be followed (Myanmar). 
  • ရှင်သန်ကာကွယ် နယူးနော်မယ”(New Normal)
    The video allegorically depicts a comparison of two persons and their stories to encourage citizens to follow the rules that prevent a COVID-19 infection. It was created by the Ministry of Health and Sports (MOHS) (Myanmar).

Cover by Unsplash.