Practitioners Roster


Emalsys is a powerful tool thanks to which managers of a team or an organisation have the ability to:

  • Monitor disasters,
  • Deploy delegates in the field,
  • Monitor their activity in real time,
  • Provide information and documents whilst in the field.





The Emergency Alert System (EMALSYS) is a platform to help NGOs and non-profits to respond to crisis over the world in the most timely and cost effective way possible. It is a roster management tool designed for assisting, managing, mobilising, and deploying staff to the field.

  Who is this system designed for?

EMALSYS has been primarily designed for humanitarian organisations to manage their emergency response teams more effectively. It can be used by any organisation dealing with crisis management, deploying staff to the field.

  What does EMALSYS do?

It provides a tool for coordinators to better organise and mobilise staff or consultants. It allows roster members to keep in touch with their rosters, keep their profile up-to-date and be ready for deployment in case of emergency.