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 Reports & Guidelines 

  • COVID-19 Preventive Measure during Buddhist Ceremony
    The ministry issued the guideline to prevent the infection of COVID-19 during September because it is the month Cambodian people will be traveling to their hometowns to attend the biggest Buddhist in the year (Khmer).
  • Communication Toolkit for Long-term Care Facilities
    The toolkit provides guidance to residents and staff working in health facilities in order to protect them from COVID-19 and other potential respiratory pathogens within the long-term care facilities (Khmer & English).
  • Standard Operating Procedure for Home Hospitalization of COVID-19
    The procedure details follow-up procedures for home-based management care and treatment of COVID-19 patients who are asymptomatic or mild. It indicates that the care should be taken under regular supervision by properly trained health staff and volunteers to prevent and control virus transmission (Khmer).
  • Standard Operating Procedure for COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign
    The procedure explains the COVID-19 vaccination campaign which aims to ensure that the vaccination rollout is conducted efficiently. It also provides detailed steps for all relevant stakeholders to establish and manage the vaccination centers (Khmer). 
  • Procedures to Authorize Private Companies to Open Vaccination Centers
    The ministry outlines the procedures for private clinics to obtain permission to set up COVID vaccination centers. Private companies may operate international standard vaccination centers using vaccines that are recognized by the  WHO and inform patients of the conditions stated in the guidelines (Khmer).
  • Letter of Advice for Free Covid-19 Rapid Test
    The ministry has issued the letter indicating that governors of provinces/ cities, and directors of national hospitals and health centers advising them to provide COVID-19 rapid testing free of cost (Khmer). 

 Infographics & Posters

  • Schedule for the SINOPHARM Injection
    The letter details the schedule and venue for senior government officials to be vaccinated. The concerned persons include senior ministers, ministers, secretary, and under-secretary of state, provincial governors, and the journalists (Khmer).


  • COVID-19 Video
    The video provides an overview of the health-related facts that the population should know about COVID-19 (Khmer).
  • Vaccination Campaign for Youth
    The ministry has launched a campaign to vaccinate youths from the age of 12 to 17 on a voluntary basis. It will start in Phnom Penh Kandal as well as the Preah Sihanouk and Koh Kong provinces on 1 August 2021 (Khmer).

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