The flagship regional platform of  Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP), was founded under the program ' Strengthening the emergency Response capacity of Local Humanitarian Actors in Asia' being implemented by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for improving the preparedness and emergency response to disasters  by strengthening humanitarian leadership and technical capacity of National Governments, Local Humanitarian Organizations and the Private Sector so that they can lead and better engage in the humanitarian framework. This partnership will help in improving the inter-organizational coordination by engaging the Local Humanitarian Organizations, Private sector and other Institutions to have increased dialogue with the National Governments and Inter-Agency Networks through partnerships, exchange of information and knowledge resources, trainings, and networking opportunities.

ADPC has been instrumental in implementing a pilot program in Cambodia called “Cambodian Humanitarian Forum – CHF” with OFDA since 2012 which has successfully lead to the strengthening of the Local Humanitarian Network. A series of capacity development activities for local NGOs were undertaken by CHF. The Asian Preparedness Partnership is an expansion of the same idea.

The Asian Preparedness Partnership will contribute towards strengthening the disaster preparedness and emergency response capacity at national and local levels in disaster-prone areas within Asia. The APP strategy aims to develop the National Humanitarian Networks comprising of National Governments, Local Humanitarian Organizations and the Private sector within the countries, which will result in enhanced coordination and information exchange, during the period of emergencies caused due to natural disasters.

Focus countries:

Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Sri Lanka


The goal of Asian Preparedness Partnership is to improve the preparedness and emergency response to disasters by strengthening the interface between the government, local humanitarian organizations and the private sector and enhancing capacities through partnerships, information exchange and knowledge resources, trainings, and networking opportunities.


  • To improve humanitarian leadership and coordination through systematic and local institutional strengthening
  • To attain better coordination of humanitarian actions by enhancing humanitarian information management and knowledge exchange
  • To establish more effective partnerships among national and local humanitarian actors

Initiatives under APP:

Improve Humanitarian Coordination through Systematic and Local Institutional Strengthening:

  • Undertake Country Specific Baseline Assessment Studies to understand the current context and engagement of National Governments, Local NGOs and Civil Society Organizations in Response.
  • Strengthen the National Humanitarian Forum Networks and organize Regional, National, Sub-National Lessons Learned Workshops.
  • Organize regular internal coordination meetings and build ownership to improve coordination. 

Enhance Humanitarian Information Management and Knowledge Exchange:

  • Develop an online platform (one-stop knowledge hub) for sharing of information regarding disaster preparedness and emergency response in the countries.
  • Organize Regional Networking and Knowledge Exchange Visits within Asia and beyond in Central America and Africa.

Capacity Building and Training

  • Undertake Training Needs Assessments for National and Local Humanitarian NGOs and Civil Society Groups in Respective Countries.
  • Develop Training Curriculum and establish South-South Facility for Knowledge Management & Promotion of Learning among Local NGOs and Civil Society Groups.