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Reports & Guidelines

  • COVID-19 Summary of Guidelines
    The Government of Madhya Pradesh has created a state portal for COVID-19 monitoring. It has directives and presentations on coronavirus. It provides insights into the virus, the myths surrounding it, and how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community (Hindi & English).

Infographics & Posters


  • Corona – Don’t Get Scared, Take Precautions
    The video addresses the rural population in Bihar and urges them to not be scared of the Coronavirus, instead, they can take certain precautions to protect themselves against it (Hindi). 
  • Corona Mask Campaign
    The awareness video is part of the COVID Mask Campaign initiated by the Chief Minister of Bihar. It encourages the use of masks at the workplace with taglines – “Making masks as a shield, Bihar will win the field” and “Mask on, work on” (Hindi).

*Cover by Unsplash