Call for experts to join the 'Public Health in Emergencies' Roster

May 08

About the APP Roster 
With the escalating COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, countries are faced with the daunting task of finding ways to contain its impact. The wide-ranging exposure of this pandemic is redefining disaster risk as we know it. As countries scramble to find reliable and effective solutions, the Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) is building a roster of experts on ‘Public Health in Emergencies’ to support APP countries in the region. 
APP is a regional partnership, comprising of national and local governments, non-governmental organizations (local NGOs), civil society groups and the private sector networks in Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The Regional as well as the National Preparedness Partnerships of APP serve as a collaborative working space for promoting south-south knowledge exchange, capacity development, regional cooperation, and humanitarian coordination in alignment with the localization agenda.

The APP Practitioners Roster has been designed for surge and capacity building operations in APP countries. Hosted on the APP portal, it is a web-based platform comprising of practitioners, experts and experienced professionals with wide ranging expertise in preparedness and disaster response. The roster serves as an inter-regional mechanism to promote south-south learning within the APP network for knowledge transfer and exchange. 

Roster for Public Health Professionals
The APP roster has established specialized rosters/clusters in various technical areas of humanitarian response. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, APP is providing support to the countries to strengthen their National and Public Health Emergency Operations Centers as well as enhance the community engagement through risk communication and awareness raising. According to the needs of the APP countries it is inviting membership requests in the technical roster for public health in emergencies. It aims to create a repository of pre-screened and qualified personnel having expertise in tackling public health emergencies. At the request of member countries, the roster can mobilize experienced professionals to assist in public health measures and coordination efforts taken up by partner organizations. Saving critical time and resources during crisis, the roster aims to supplement local capacities engaged in response and preparedness activities.

The Public Health in Emergencies roster invites experienced professionals and experts covering following areas of study:
•    Epidemiology (Public health surveillance and epidemiological investigation)
•    Infection, prevention and control
•    Mass health care
•    Mass fatality management 
•    Public health laboratory and testing
•    Health promotion, awareness and risk communication 
•    Health emergency risk management (assessments, emergency planning, incident management, crisis communication, M&E)
•    Health logistics and supply chain
•    Psycho-social care and support
•    Community health services
•    Environmental health 
•    Health policy and management 
•    Maternal and child health 

To know more on 'how to apply', please refer to the note attached.

Contact Information

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