Contributing to the Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) initiatives
Image credit: ADPC

On 29 August, ADPC launched the Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP), an inter-agency platform of National Disaster Management Organizations, civil society networks, and the private sector from six disaster-prone Asian countries, namely Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The APP aims to promote partnerships and regional cooperation and to strengthen preparedness for response & recovery at local levels. In this connection, representatives of governments, civil society networks and private sector organizations came together in Bangkok for a regional meeting ahead of the implementation of activities in the countries. Since the private sector is regarded as an important stakeholder in the humanitarian ecosystem of these countries, the iPrepare Business facility also attended the events to contribute on the private sector related components of the programme.

At the first Annual General Meeting of APP on 28 August, the governance structure, functions and services of the APP regional steering committee was discussed together with presentation of the regional synthesis report on the baseline assessments from the six program countries. It was unanimously reiterated by the participants that the private sector is an integral part of the APP. On 31 August, the Regional Program Action Planning meeting took place to share the country-level baseline assessment results as well as to draw a strategic roadmap for strengthening the disaster preparedness for response and recovery capacities of the local and national level organizations in their respective countries. Attended by representatives from the Chambers of Commerce and other private sector organizations, the events created good momentum for involving the private sector in the initiatives while observing an interest of engaging the private sector by private sector themselves and other stakeholders. The country representatives are now scrutinizing a work plan and priority actions for APP. The iPrepare Business facility will continue to engage in the process to collaborate further with the private sector as well as strengthen the role of private sector in disaster preparedness and emergency response under APP.

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID OFDA, the APP is being launched under the ADPC’s flagship project ‘Strengthening Emergency Response Capacity of Local Humanitarian Actors in Asia’. The goal of this program is to improve disaster preparedness for response and recovery in Asia by strengthening the interface and partnership between government, local humanitarian organizations and the private sector.