Disaster Management Center organises ToT on Application of GIS for effective Risk Assessments


The Disaster Management Centre (DMC), Sri Lanka as part of Sri Lanka Preparedness Partnership (SLPP) under Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) organized 5-day Training of Trainers on enhancing risk assessment capacities of Government officers for an effective emergency response. 30 participants representing District Disaster Management Coordinating Units, Meteorology department, National Building Research Organization and National Disaster Relief Services Center of Sri Lanka came together from scientific and disaster management organizations for building skills in GIS application. 

The capacity building of stakeholders in using GIS based tools and applications for effective emergency response and development planning was identified as one of the key priorities in the country roadmap of SLPP- a multi-stakeholder partnership between Disaster Management Centre, Centre for Humanitarian Affairs and Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka. Experts from International Water Management Institute (IWMI), UNSPIDER and ADPC provided technical guidance and facilitated sessions in the training at University of Peradeniya. 

Participants engaged in group exercises during the training. 

During the training, officers of DMC were oriented on risk assessment procedures and various technologies particularly remote sensing, location based applications for collecting hazard and risk information and using satellite imagery for hazard and exposure analysis. In addition, they practiced hands on computer based exercises using geospatial applications for flood and drought hazards. Participants reiterated that through this training, they are better equipped to apply the knowledge in district preparedness activities of their organization.

Participants including Director General (Disaster Management Center), representatives from University of Peradeniya and resource persons assemble for the group photo.