Promoting Women, Peace and Security and Gender Mainstreaming in DRR/CCA 

Jun 20
Location: Hotel Cambodiana, Phnom Penh

Based on a field mission on 11 December 2018, 289 respondents of the District Committees for Disaster Management (DCDMs) of the targeted participants have revealed that the capacities on Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction of all DCDMs have been significantly low. 80% of the respondents had shown that only 30% of high level officials and secretariat staffs have been trained, while only 10% of them are women. The problem analysis identified that natural disasters is increasing vulnerability to the social economy and livelihoods, especially women and children are the worse affected. In order to support communities and specifically women within communities to become more resilient to shocks (economic changes, natural disasters etc), National Committee on Disaster Management (NCDM) will organize annual forum/workshop on Gender and DRR with specific theme and also integrate training on emergency preparedness, emergency response, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into all sectors under the sector plans implementing by line ministries-institutions. This will also contribute to progress towards the ASEAN programme objective: "Women, Peace and Security AND Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Change Adaptation ".  

In line with this, NCDM is organizing “The National Multi-Sectoral Workshop on Promoting Women, Peace and Security and Gender Mainstreaming in DRR/CCA” to collect commend/suggestion for developing its own strategy which enable women to "access to sufficient, reliable and timely assistance during emergencies/crisis". 

Objectives of the workshop:

1. Identify gender issues in emergency response and propose for solutions

2. Mobilize technical inputs for for developing minimum standard for gender in emergency response

3. Strengthen coordination and collaboration between NCDM and partners who work on gender issue


Contact Information

H.E. Prak Kimhong
Deputy Secretary General of NCDM

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