Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop

Jun 25
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

ADPC with support of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and National Humanitarian Network (NHN) under the Pakistan Resilience Partnership (PRP)/ Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) is implementing the program ‘Strengthening Capacity of Government, Local Humanitarian Organizations and the Private Sector on Preparedness for Response. The program utilizes a unique networked approach by creating the PRP/APP - a multi-stakeholder partnership through the program. PRP strives to improve inter-organizational coordination and dialogue between Governments, Local Humanitarian Organization networks and Private Sector networks for enhancing capacities through partnerships, knowledge resources, training and networking opportunities. To achieve the program’s goal number of activities were conceived and executed with consultation with PRP partners, with a view to strengthen the capacity of government and local humanitarian partners, which included local NGOs, private sector, academia and media. The activities conducted were focused in the three key areas namely capacity building, humanitarian coordination and knowledge sharing. 

In order to assess the impact of these activities at individual and organizational level, an M&E workshop for the beneficiary of the activities is being organized, with an aim to evaluate the impact of program activities for improved program effectiveness and efficiency.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To evaluate the impact of program activities for improved program effectiveness and efficiency
  • To determine the level of coordination achieved through the program activities
  • To assess the impact of sharing knowledge and experiences before and after conducting the activities under PRP/APP platform 
  • To identify demands, practices and lessons learned for next phase planning 

Contact Information

Sana Zulfiqar
National Coordinator- NHN

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