Final Evaluation Validation Workshop for APP Phase I and Theory of Change Design Workshop for APP Phase II

Oct 07
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

The program for ‘Strengthening Emergency Response Capacity of Local Humanitarian Actors in Asia’, commonly known as "Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP)", is completing its first phase of implementation in October 2019 in six Asian countries namely; Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka. ADPC with the supervision of the program donor, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has launched an independent evaluation to review how the program, its processes, outputs, and outcomes have contributed and or attributed to strengthening the emergency response capacity of local humanitarian actors during the implementation period. The evaluation being carried out through an independent evaluation firm targeting all 6 Program countries as well as the regional component of the program.

The Validation Workshop intends to bring together stakeholders from program countries representing the National Preparedness Partnerships formed under APP, ADPC program staff and the BMGF program staff to present and discuss the evaluation results. This will further guide the program team in prioritizing the co-elements of the program and identifying the impact pathway towards strengthening emergency response capacity of local humanitarian actors. The team together will develop the conceptual framework for the APP Phase II through designing the Theory of Change for the program. 

Contact Information

Ms. Nirmala Fernando 

Senior Program Manager, ADPC