APP Leadership Forum

Oct 09
Location: Thailand

APP is conducting one of its first Leadership Forum facilitated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The SILK program - Self-Inspired Leadership Kanvas is designed to help leaders from the South to evolve and develop their inner capacities so that they can be better equipped to lead their contribution to Global South challenges and in this case to contribute to a safer and resilient Asia.

The SILK approach is inspired by the silk worm journey and transformation that the silk worm undergoes to make silk. It also builds on the life of inspiring humblers, self-reflective, transformational and inspirational world leaders. The SILK approach views the leader as an inspired artist that can create a Kanvas – a personal blueprint for how to lead.

The uniqueness of the SILK approach is that it will be tailored to the Global South context, with focus on specific problems and successes. The programme will create safe spaces to allow dialogue around the unique cultural, tribal and religious sensitivities of our continent. The co-chairs of the Steering Committee will be participating in the leadership forum along with ADPC. 

Contact Information

Ms. Shalini Sharma Kanwar
Project Manager, ADPC 

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