2019 National Summit on MSME Disaster Resilience

Jul 18
Location: Manila, Philippines

The micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) sector is vital in our national economic development. However, catastrophic events may be detrimental to the sector and can reverse the gains from development initiatives. Impacts may result to physical damage or even permanent business closure but MSMEs’ knowledge of disaster risk is limited. Building on the success of the 2016 National Business Forum and the accomplishments of the MSME Resilience Core Group under the Strengthening MSME Disaster Resilience in the Philippines Project (2016-2018), the National Summit 2019: MSME Disaster Resilience shall be conducted.

This event is an opportunity to once again gather relevant stakeholders and MSME enablers pushing for the development of disaster resilient business sector in the country. This shall serve as a platform to share best practices, identify the successes of the MSME Disaster Resilience Initiative, and highlight gaps and next steps that can be translated into programs or activities of the MSME RCG for the Phase 2 implementation (2019-2021). Objectives of the meeting are:

(1) To present the accomplishments and emphasize best practices of the MSME RCG under the Strengthening MSME Disaster Resilience in the Philippines Project (2016-2018);

(2) To reaffirm public-private partnership and map out next steps in promoting MSME disaster resilience in the country; and

(3) To launch the MSME Guide to Disaster Resilience aimed at guiding the business sector in preparing for and/or recovering from catastrophic events, and ensuring sustainability of the initiatives under the said partnership

Contact Information

Edwin M. Salonga
Program Manager, Philippines
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)
Email:   edwin.salonga@adpc.net
Mobile: +63-998-992-3210

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