Stakeholder Networking Meeting for Kaluthara District

Jul 15
Location: District Secrateriat - Kaluthara

Ratnapura, Kalutara and Batticaloa districts in Sri Lanka are prone to natural disasters of flooding, landslides, cyclones and tsunami. Ratnapura and Kalutara Districts are mostly prone to flooding and landslides while Batticaloa district is prone to flooding, cyclone and tsunami. Thus, people in those 3 districts are significantly affected by one or more of these disasters and face enormous sufferings on a regular interval. During the disaster situation they sacrifice their lives, properties and businesses. The daily wage workers and the small and micro level business entrepreneurs are the most vulnerable segment and compelled to face enormous sufferings during and after a disaster situation. Almost every year, people have to face this situation.

In the year 2017, the disaster was most significant in Ratnapura and Kalutara, where no. of lives were sacrificed and millions worth of properties was lost. This situation lasted for several days. Government, Private sector and NGOs actively engaged in disaster response. However, the coordination among these sectors is less and it is mostly seen that these different sectors are working in isolation. Therefore, the resource utilization is ineffective and the probability of duplication is high.

Hence, a networking meeting has been proposed under Sri Lanka Preparedness Partnership to create a platform to bring all the sectors- Government, Private and NGOs together with multiple objectives including to enhance coordination and collaboration among these 3 sectors to actively engage in disaster preparedness and response, and to facilitate resource sharing and effective utililisation.

Contact Information

Mr. Ajith Ranasinghe, Sabaragamuwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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