Research on Business Resilience for Micro, Small, and Medium Scale Enterprises in Cambodia

Jun 26
Location: Hotel Tonle Bassac II, Phnom Penh

This proposed project aims at contributing to respond to immediate needs of SMEs in Cambodia, both registered members of FASMEC and not-yet registered SMEs, who need to increase their knowledge and understanding about disaster preparedness. Initially, a research needs to be conducted to assess their understanding about their resilience capacity as one part of business plan/management leading to sustainability and scaling up. The research is to conduct interview with a total of 150 SMEs in different business fields to develop a set of indicators to be introduced to policy makers (at different levels) and business owners (SMEs) to use for their public duties and to both quantity and quality of businesses through disaster preparedness; thus, leading to economic growth of the country as well as to take part in poverty reduction. By working with SMEs in Cambodia since 2010, FASMEC has identified a number of problems and cross-cutting issues encountered by SMEs in Cambodia including disaster unpreparedness among the SMEs. Challenges have been made to address the issues/solve those problems; however further struggling is needed in order to reduce the problems and difficulties at maximum level. One of the main problems SMEs in Cambodia are currently facing is lack of knowledge about disaster preparedness which has made most of SMEs having their businesses not adequately resilient. Therefore, FASMEC needs to conduct the research (interview with 150 SMEs followed by a dissemination workshop) to help starting up business resilience among SMEs in Cambodia.

The objective of this proposed project (a combined research and dissemination workshop on disaster preparedness) is to increase awareness about disaster preparedness among SMEs in Cambodia.

Contact Information

Mr. Leksin Rithy
Executive Director-FASMEC
Phone: +855 12 911 491

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