Humanitarian Actors' Summit

Jun 25
Location: Manila, Philippines

Three years this May from the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, the ever-growing call for localization of humanitarian response remains strong and alive in many different parts of the world. The humanitarian actors’ summit is timely and fitting as it provides the space and opportunity for all actors in humanitarian preparedness and response to work on enhancing collaboration and coordination.  

Collaboration is drawing together for joint action through multi-stakeholder partnerships. On the other hand, coordination may include aligning of resources, planning and activities so that they may be separated but complementary and prevents duplication of efforts. It is important to build on the existing collaborative arrangements that was made possible by established partnerships and relationships at national up to local level. Functional collaboration is important to be strengthened and enhanced to improve speed and efficient delivery of humanitarian response. The areas of collaboration and coordination may cover joint needs assessments, disaster situation analysis, work complementation, resource mobilization among others, making sure that response actions are sensitive to the needs of the affected communities. 

In line with furthering capacities of local actors in humanitarian response, PhilPrep took the initiative by holding the Philippines’ first summit focusing on the tri-partite partnership. The clamor for enhancing local capacities demands the strengthening and boosting of the country’s emergency preparedness and response, as well as the solidification of the synergy and partnership between the Government, Local Humanitarian Organizations, and the Private Sector.  

In view of this, the main objectives of the Humanitarian Actors’ Summit are:  
a.        To develop an enhanced and consolidated database of humanitarian actors in the country;
b.        To identify the gaps in coordination and collaboration during specific disasters, and;
c.        To enhance coordination mechanisms for emergency preparedness and response.

Contact Information

Edwin M. Salonga
Program Manager, Philippines
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)


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