Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Final Validation Meeting

Jul 18

Development of Standard Operation Procedures (SoP) is one of the important parts of early warning dissemination. There was lack of proper early warning system in Sri Lanka before 2004 tsunami. Preparation of SoPs was initiated for all hazards after 2004 tsunami and currently, SoPs are available for most of the common hazards in Sri Lanka.  

However, upgrading of SoPs with improved technologies and change in disaster patterns is vital. In addition, vertical and horizontal communication to identify upstream and downstream in the communication and dissemination process is very important. Realizing the importance of reviewing and updating the existing SoPs to proactively worl towards early warning, Disaster Management Centre prioritized the same as one of the key activities under the Sri Lanka Preparedness Partnership lead by the government sector; 

  • Hazards – Flood, Landslide, Cyclone
  • Consider only upstream information from the relevant technical agency up to DMC 
  • Institutions to be focused - Disaster Management Centre (DMC), National Disaster Relief Services Centre (NDRSC), National Building Research Organization (NBRO), Meteorological Department, and Irrigation Department 
  • Reference documents - NEOP, DM Act, DM Policy, and other relevant circulars 
  • Phases of Disasters – Before, during and after for early warning 

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Gothami Chandrarathna, Senior Manager- Janathakshan Gte Ltd

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