4th APP Regional Steering Committee (APPRSC) Meeting

May 14
Location: Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva, Switzerland


The principles of long-term sustainability have been embedded into the APP model in terms of the way the initiative was first designed. As the APP is anchored in ADPC at the regional level, it is working with multiple partners to leverage and mobilize resources for the continuation and scaling up of APP and its interventions. APP Phase 1 was successful in leveraging support from other donor agencies such as USAID/Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) for supporting the Myanmar Preparedness Partnership. The APP is also collaborating with Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) supported program “Building Resilience through inclusive and climate-adaptive disaster risk reduction in Asia-pacific” (BRDR) for the integration of rights-based and gender-equal approaches for localization processes. The APP Phase 2 will continue to mobilize other partner institutions and donor agencies for leveraging supplementary support. The support from USAID/OFDA for the institutionalization of Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response in South Asia (PEER) is in the pipeline and the synergies with APP, specifically in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have been identified.

APPRSC is the main consensus building / decision-making body at the regional level with main functions regarding regional cooperation, knowledge management, regional exchange and regional consultations.

Due to the critical timing of the 4th APPRSC meeting, the overall goal would be to share lessons learnt and reflect on APP Phase 1 and to incorporate these learnings for consolidation and building sustainable mechanisms for APP and the National Preparedness Partnerships for transformation of humanitarian ecosystem in the APP Phase 2. 

The opportunity exists for specific discussions within the sectors (Government, Local NGOs and the Private Sector Networks) from the APP countries to brainstorm regarding growth of their niche areas in APP going forward.  The APPRSC members will also be able to enhance their networks and partake in the GPDRR from 15 -17 May 2019 in order to gain insights and further advance the localization agenda in their countries.



The main objectives for 4th APPRSC are proposed as:

  • To reflect on the lessons learnt and the successes and challenges the APP and the National Preparedness Partnerships in APP Phase 1;
  • To brainstorm regarding the consolidation of APP and National Preparedness Partnerships as well adding new dimensions to the existing partnerships for promotion of the transformation of the humanitarian ecosystem through innovations and sustainability mechanisms for APP in promoting the localization agenda; 
  • To share experiences from participation in the GPDRR and reflect on the insights gained for advancing the localization agenda in their countries (to be discussed during the Dinner session on 17th May 2019).